Terms of Service & Sales Contract

Terms of Service & Sales Contract Overview
The following Terms of Service govern your use of the website dorasamora.com, ordering via the website or other methods (online invoice, over-phone orders), and communication with Dora’s Amora. This page supersedes any other page/document/facsimile you may have seen/agreed to or may see and acts as the sales/service contract. The following Terms of Service act as a purchasing contract that does not require your written signature and which you accept by the processing of your order transaction whether via online ordering, online/hard copy invoice, or phone payment, in-person payment, or another method. Processing a transaction means exchanging money or item of value, as low as $0.01 US to any higher monetary amount (whether that monetary base is cash or trade and whether or not the exchange was direct or through a third party), with Dora’s Amora in order to receive an order
(product/service) immediately or upon an agreed date in the future. Dora’s Amora reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and your continued use of services indicates your acceptance of the changes. Terms of Purchase & Service by purchasing you agree to the terms stated here. These details may be restated and otherwise expanded upon after this paragraph. You agree that consumption is at your own risk. You agree you are responsible for the consumption by yourself, other individuals, and minors under 18 years of age. You agree to the prices quoted in the invoice/register/shopping cart. You agree, by processing the order payment, that the details are complete and accurate. If you require further details/instructions, then you will contact Dora’s Amora and request clarifications prior to processing payment for future order completions including deposits toward future dates. You agree that it is your responsibility to contact Dora’s Amora immediately upon obtaining the update and at a reasonable time prior to the completion/delivery date. For custom cake orders Dora’s Amora requires no further changes 10 days prior to an order completion date. However, you also agree that order modifications may not be accepted. The order is considered correct until such changes are made to the order. You agree modifications to the order must be made by 10 days before the event date. No changes can be made during the week of order completion. Increases or additions to an existing order are possible when made 10 days before the order completion date. You agree to review the updates and confirm accuracy via email contact or payment or additional charges. You agree modifications to the order may increase your final balance or require additional charges to be paid prior to delivery or pickup. You agree a deposit (including a Hold the Date retainer) is not the final balance but is only a portion of the final balance. You agree that a Retainer is non-refundable once the payment is processed. You agree to pay the final balance no later than 10 days before the order completion date. If accepted by Dora’s Amora, payments within 10 days of the order completion date may be acceptable but with the exception on the date of completion which is never acceptable. You agree that transportation of your order (after initial delivery is made by Dora’s Amora) by individuals other than Dora’s Amora (whether this be within the same delivery address or to an alternate address) is at your own risk. In addition, this includes items picked up within Dora’s Amora or curbside. You agree that Dora’s Amora must be held harmless in situations where a dietary restriction is concerned. It is the responsibility of you the customer to explain and ensure are listed in your invoice/receipt any dietary restriction requirements and purchase those accordingly. It is the responsibility of the customer to establish which product(s), if any, purchased from the bakery are for a particular dietary restriction. Consumption is at your risk and you the customer’s shared parties (those consuming the product). You agree Dora’s Amora is not certified in any dietary requirement and food allergen contamination may occur. You agree that Dora’s Amora will be held harmless and is not responsible for mishandling made by any delivery courier. You agree the details in the checkout cart for which you are going to or have already processed were accurate and no further details were needed. You agree by processing payment, that the details in a manually generated invoice (whether on paper or online) are accurate and no changes are needed. You agree that the bakery is not responsible for the product taste, image, or other aspects or quality after the date of delivery. You agree that should there be an inaccuracy in the order it will and must be addressed on the delivery date. Baked goods (food) delivered are made for and considered fresh for the date of the delivery. All food is considered out of date, past safe consumption date, or after the expiration date on the date after delivery (consume at your own risk). If you have any questions, please call or email: info@dorasamora.com

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, Exchanges for Gifted Products
Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange on the baked goods. All baked goods sales are final.
Refusal to do (continue) business
Dora’s Amora holds the right to refuse of continuation of work, to not accept an order or modification, or to produce an order. Refusal of order can include but is not limited to; sexual references, drug/paraphernalia references, racial references, social references, and vulgar references. etc.. Refusal of order can include but is not limited to; harassment of our team, negative public statements about the bakery, theft, copyright violation, being difficult to work with, partnering with another vendor/venue that may hurt the bakery’s reputation, falsifying information (lies), balances left unpaid, etc.

Delivery Times
Dora’s Amora will not make an exception for a narrow time or request for the ‘closer to’ time. We recommend monitoring the tracking process of your order via the links provided in your shipping confirmation email. The bakery may or may not be able to assist in shipping delays and may request you contact the courier regarding your shipment. Please have your tracking information ready to speak with a courier. The bakery is not responsible for shipping delays.
Contact Us: info@dorasamora.com, allow 24-72 hours for a response back.

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